Miracle Girl Who Sings For Millions (Grace Anna Sings!)

December 19th, 2017


Little Girl Inspires More Than a Million Followers:

Grace Anna is gonna steal your heart... with her SONGS and STORY.

She wasn't expected to live due to disabilities, but this 7-year-old has defied the odds!

In NEW book Grace Anna Sings her mom tells STORY of HARDSHIP and HOPE.

DESTINED to inspire other parents of special needs kids...

Moms and KIDS alike will LOVE Grace Anna...

who hasn't stopped singing since she was a baby.

Angela Rodgers and daughter Grace Anna will be on ChannelMom THIS WEEK!

AS Angela shares miracles and message of their story... and Grace Anna Sings for us!

Tune in and ENJOY your Mom Life on THIS ChannelMom Podcast OR...

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