When Moms Feel Sad… MOPS on ChannelMom

May 30th, 2017


There is Hope: It's OK To Feel Blue, Mom...

MOPS on ChannelMom: Surprising Advice for Those Dark Moments

You're allowed to feel sad, depressed and just Not OK... as a Mom.

AND your friends don't have to say "just the right thing" to fix it.

HOW to cope and help other moms cope when emotions are down.

With MOPS, Kendall Parkhurst... and ChannelMom's Fill-In Host, Karla Swanigan

Helpful Hints from MOPS International Expert Plus... HOW to Find a MOPS Group

ALSO... meet One Amazing Mom winner with Lemongrass Spa

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Enjoy your Mom Life on this ChannelMom Podcast.

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