How to Stop Negative Self-Talk Today!

January 28th, 2019

Freedom for Moms who Struggle with Negative Thoughts...

Michelle Peiffer Helps Moms Stop Negative Self-Talk.

Ever have self doubt? NEGATIVE self talk? Or just feel stuck and alone? You're NOT alone! Many moms struggle with negative thoughts. A NEGATIVE OUTLOOK can come from our past...words our parents, peers or authorities spoke to us that turned into negative thought patterns. Patterns that suggest you're unworthy. unloved and unwanted. Those thoughts can become INGRAINED IN YOUR BRAIN--creating train tracks of bad thoughts that attack you when you're stressed. But they're false stories... not Truth! Learn how to OVERCOME negative thoughts and find FORGIVENESS, HOPE and a more POSITIVE LIFE!

Discover Truths That Give You Freedom

Train Your Brain to Refocus

Fill Your Mind With Positives To Shut Out The Negative

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