Pt. 2 Don’t Say Word To Kids

January 22, 2015

Oprah Guest, Pt. 2 of Anne Wiggins & Linda Williams

BEHAVIOR MAKEOVER: Tough to believe a "doctor," interviewed by Oprah, actually offered up this advice for parents... apparently, to avoid hurt feelings?  See if you think this is WAY overboard or if the Dr. is on the right track.  Our parenting experts, Anne Wiggins & Linda Williams, weigh in on the debate.  Anne & Linda are the offers of "Parenting From The Heights" and produced the "How-To Parenting" DVD.

Help To Avoid Entitled Kids!

This interview offers sound advice from Anne & Linda on how to avoid an "entitlement attitude" in your kids and avoid spoiling them.  Have kids you love to be with!  A clip from this interview also posting on

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